Best Practices for Volunteers Transporting Students

Volunteers are key to the success of any school. They make valuable contributions in a number of ways including assistance with school activities. Volunteers who transport students to functions or field trips present an increased exposure to your school. For this reason, Austin & Co. along with the New York State Department of Transportation endorses the use of traditional buses for any school transportation. If you do allow volunteers to drive, we recommend the following Best Practices to limit the risk of claims and protect the school’s auto and liability insurance program.

  • Verify that vehicles used for student transportation are insured and inspected.
  • Confirm the volunteer’s auto liability limit is adequate. We suggest at least 1,000,000.
  • Make sure each volunteer knows and acknowledges their insurance is primary in the event of a loss.
  • Check the Motor Vehicle Record of the those transporting students. Volunteers with poor driving records should not be allowed to drive on the school’s behalf
  • Secure permission slips from parents if a student is being transported with someone other than school hired transportation.
  • A student should not be alone with an adult volunteer under any circumstances.