Determining Where to Spend Your HR Dollar$

Federal, State, and Local laws impose numerous requirements and maintaining compliance is a full-time commitment; however, we know the day-to-day functions of Human Resource can easily take priority over compliance. Therefore, we suggest due diligence efforts and budget dollars should focus on the common areas of risk that are easily preventable.

  • Recognize the areas in need of improvement and assess the risks and gaps. The government is forcing us to recognize compliance by hiring more investigators, conducting more investigations and assessing record breaking fines and penalties. Additionally, employees are more knowledgeable about their rights thanks to the government and their employee friendly apps, webinars, and handbooks.
  • Reduce exposure and liability with proper policies and effective practices. While recognizing gaps and vulnerabilities is good, you should focus on what you are able to fix or reduce and respond to.
  • Respond by implementing corrective action and practice continuous improvement.