Active Shooter Situations – Are You Covered?

We live in a world where most, if not all of you, have response plans and drills in the event of an active shooter on school grounds. Those drills can be an important component of addressing risk. While the safety of students and staff are the first priority, protecting your school’s own interests are also an important consideration.  Several of our clients have asked how their portfolio of insurance would respond in the event of an active shooter incident at their school.


Your school’s liability insurance does not exclude or limit coverage in the event of an active shooter scenario. It is arranged to defend the School, your Trustees, and Employees for litigation resulting from this type of incident. In addition, Workers’ Compensation policies would normally include full payment for the medical bills incurred by injured employees, along with the lost wages benefit included in the policy. The policies that you have in place to protect your physical assets will also respond. Damage to your physical plant would normally be addressed just like any vandalism or similar damage claim.


Most of our clients also purchase Student Accident Insurance. That program is arranged to pay medical bills, even a death benefit, in the event of school related injuries. The policies that we have placed for our schools would respond to the predictable claims from an active shooter incident and would help to reimburse the families for their uncovered medical bills.


The programs in force for many of our customers would also pay for the services of a media consultant, a grief counselor, and a public relations firm.  There are several specialist firms that consult with schools to help prepare your school for a security crisis. We would be happy to refer you to those specialists to evaluate your physical plant and other considerations.


Please contact our school experts at Austin & Co., Inc. for more information.